About Al Burooj School

We aim to promote Islamic spiritual and moral values based on the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to give every child the opportunity to achieve their personal best and to develop lively enquiring minds by providing individually tailored teaching which allows spontaneity and encourages purposeful learning. Its goal is to create a leader in every child as Al Burooj believes each child is a STAR. Its purpose is to breed a generation of Muslims who learn and adopt the Islamic teachings wherein showing the world what true Islam is all about.

Al Burooj School caters to each child's social, emotional and developmental needs providing an environment which allows each child to grow with self confidence, fully equipped to become a balanced successful human being in this world hereafter.

By providing a wide variety of experiences through structured and purposeful activities and a balanced curriculum, we broaden children’s understanding and develop their skills.  If children have time to develop full confidence in themselves, they will then be able to cope with the more advanced tasks set for them in school life.

We believe in developing individuals as active, lifelong learners and to this end offer an exciting, challenging and caring environment within which children flourish both socially and academically.  We hope that you too, find our school warm and welcoming.

We believe that children give of their best if they want to come to school and if they are fully supported by their families.  For this reason we work in partnership with the families of our children to ensure that each individual receives the best education we can offer.

The members of staff are here to help you and your child benefit from the education offered at this school.  We set high standards and help children achieve them by giving them the very best of educational opportunities.

Our school encourages children to take responsibility for their work and for their attitude towards others.  We teach them to respect the school, other people and their property, and that they are responsible for their actions.

We expect parents to support our approach and work with us to establish an orderly and secure school environment where children are encouraged to give of their best.  We welcome parents into school to speak with teachers and to help in classrooms where possible.  We very much appreciate parents support and encourage parents and children alike to take a full and active role in supporting the school.