Our Curriculum

The Al Burooj Islamic education program mainly focuses on two dimensions: individual and social development. The individual development dimension aims to prepare students to lead a positive and good life as adults in the world around them as well as to achieve positive rewards in the hereafter. The social development dimension aims at breeding a generation of Muslims who learn and adopt the Islamic teachings as a way of life and wherein showing the world what true Islam is all about.

Academics Excellence

Al Burooj Islamic School offers a comprehensive educational package which encompasses all academic subjects including Language, Math, Social Studies, Arts and Science. As well, the curriculum is rounded out by physical education, art, health and career planning, and information technology programs. Students are enriched as well as challenged by the program offerings.

Islamic Studies & Qur'an Program

On the social dimension, education could be a tool to preserve a community’s cultural heritage and a means for social change. Al Burooj Islamic school also provides a comprehensive Qur’an curriculum that includes proper recitation skills, memorization skills, as well as meaningful lessons learned from respective chapters of the Qur’an. The main goal of this program is to help students adapt Islam as a way of life.

Arabic Language

A primary objective in teaching Arabic as a Second language at Al Burooj Islamic school is to enable students to communicate with verbal and written competence in Arabic according to their respective levels. The student is moved gradually from kindergarten to higher grades towards this objective through the four basic language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. The curriculum presents teaching Arabic as a Second language in an integrated manner where all four language skills are systematically integrated. The most important aspect of this language skills is for kids to read/listen and understand the holy book Al-Quran (the word of Allah (swt)) without any interpretations.


Athletics at School 

In addition to the athletic areas that are covered by the Physical Education curriculum, Al Burooj Islamic School is proud to offer a wide range of extra-curricular sports programs. These programs are held at recess and lunch and give students the opportunity to get active and compete in their favorite sports.