School Policies


Enrollment shall be open to any child without descrimination in regard to sex, race, color, national or ethnic origin; provided that:

  • Parents are willing to opt for Islamic Education
  • Child is at least 34 months and fully toilet trained

Student Arrival and Release

We greatly appreciate your promptness for your child's arrival at the start of the school. Students will only be released to parents or an authorized adult listed in the admission form or by presenting the secondary student's identity card. The child has the right not be interrupted during the school hours. However, parents may take their child out before the end of the school day under urgent/pre-arranged circumstances. Parents who wish to take the child out before end of the day must call the office or school manager before pick-up or drop us an email.

Student Health/ Illness

Children who do not feel well or who have an accident at the school are seen by one of our teachers. Our teachers do not diagnose medical conditions, not can they administer any medication. If there is any sign of injury or illness, the parents will be contacted. In extreme emergencies, the ambulance or child's doctor will be contacted. It is extremely important that you provide all the medical records of the child illness to the school. The current emergency contact information is on file at the school at all times.

Daily Snacks / Lunch

Snack time is not only a time to sit and relax and feed our bodies, it is also a social time where the children enjoy talking to their friends and teachers. Snacks should be healthy! Please avoid bringing cookies, sodas or other sweet snacks or bakery items that are not good for health. Your cooperation in this regard is greatly appreciated.

Talking with your child's teacher

Out staff is always happy to meet with the parents and discuss any issues or concerns you have about your child or things at the school. We do request that you make an appointment or tell us a good time to call you. When classes are starting or ending the teachers must focus on the class, and are unable to confer with parents. We also believe that it is better to talk about issues when your child is not present. If you would like the schedule a meeting with the chairman, then the meeting request forms are available in the office.


We do not celebrate anyone's birthdays at Al Burooj. Please do not send treats to school on your child's birthday. Delivery of these items is disruptive and interrupts the teaching and learning time. Thank you for cooperation.


Attendance is crucial to effective learning and the continuity of a child's learning experience. We place great emphasis on it. We believe that children can only learn effectively if they attend school regularly.

  • Children should never be absent from school without a good reason.
  • All absences should be covered by an initial telephone call and followed-up in writing (email to )
  • Absences due to the illness of a parent or for trips taken on a school day for example, generally are unacceptable reasons and cannot be authorized.
  • As a school, we discourage parents from taking pupils out of school for family holidays or days out as it can disrupt continuity and places extra pressure on the pupil both before and after the absence, however carefully it is planned.
  • Pupils attend school for 38 weeks per year, leaving 14 weeks to take a holiday. If a child is absent from school for a two week holiday, they will miss 5% of their education and we believe that this may have a negative effect on their level of achievement.
  • Data indicates that an attendance figure below 95% means that children make significantly less progress than their peers.
  • Authorized Absence from school will only be granted for ,;sko exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the Head Teacher.
  • Careful consideration will be given to each individual application, taking the child's attendance and punctuality into account. All absences will be entered on the school's record as unauthorized. These absences will show on the child's termly record of achievement.
  • School Authority monitors attendance regularly and fixed penalty fines are given to parents of children who do not attend regularly.
  • Attendance below 90% is unacceptable¬†and we work closely with the Attendance Officer in monitoring such situations.
  • We aim to achieve a whole school attendance rate in line with the national average which currently stands at 95%.


  • Children should never be absent from school without good reason. Going shopping, visiting relatives and birthday absences, are unauthorized absences even if covered by a note.
  • Please date all absence notes and state the pupil and class concerned.
  • Please notify the teacher in advance about absence, if your child is ill please telephone the school or send a message.
  • When your child returns please send a dated note stating the medical problem.
  • If your child has an appointment during school hours please notify the teacher or school office in advance, Children must be collected from the school office by an adult.
  • Children who leave school during the day must sign out.
  • There should be a good reason for a child's absence. We have to report absence which is not for an acceptable reason. Regular attendance at school is essential for children to make good progress and to achieve high standards.