Parent Testimonails

Nabeel's Parents, Bangalore

I was very worried about the education of my child and enquired about various schools. I found Al Burooj school to be very good and interesting as it provides the knowledge Quran, Hadeeths, Islamic Studies, and general Academics, which builds my child holistically

Hooriya, Bangalore

Today its very important that our children get the knowledge of Islam at par with the academics, I congratulate the Al Burooj Management for starting such a school and providing such opportunity. Education is good and our children are also enjoying and at the same time learning. I appreciate the efforts of Al Burooj team and congratulate them ones again

Sufiya Sultana, Bangalore

Alhumdulillah, my daughter is studying in Al Burooj School and I'm glad to have her admitted here. With the grace of Allah my daughter is a learning a lot. Every day she comes home and teaches me the surahs she learnt in the school, Alhumdulillah. She also teach us daily duas like what should be said on before eating, sneezing, and tells me what should be the response also. It gives me a lot of pleasure when I hear that.

Shermin Sheza, Bangalore

My daughter Shermin studies in Al Burooj, for our first son (studying in different school) we spent considerable time teaching him and make him practise on daily basis, we realized later that we stressed him too much in the early stages. We decided we will not do that to our daughter, we will not get involved in her studies too much.
For our pleasure we found that our daughter was taking the initiative on her own, does the homework on time, does practise everything that is thought in the school, and very interested in the studies. She enjoyed the school so much that even when she was not keeping well she used to weep and she used to cry to go to the school. Many a times, after sending the school van, I myself have gone and dropped my daughter to the school on her insisting. That kind of craze, affection and love she has developed towards the school.
I compare my child with my sister's child, I see a great improvement in my child, Alhumdulillah. My daughter has learnt a lot in this school and she has done it with the help of teachers. We believe that we have given our child in to the right hands.